Portable Oxygen Concentrator Rental for Altitude Sickness Relief in Steamboat Springs

Need Fast Relief From Altitude Sickness? Get Oxygen Therapy Delivered to You.

Although Steamboat’s lowest elevation is 6,900 feet above sea level, parts of the town easily rise to over 10,000 feet. This contributes to a significant number of altitude sickness cases every year as people quickly ascend and descend in the mountainous area. 

In fact, it’s estimated that nearly half of all Steamboat Springs visitors will experience at least some symptoms of altitude sickness. 

Don’t let the high altitude ruin your vacation and make you feel bad. Schedule a portable oxygen concentrator delivery, straight to your residence or hotel.

Oxygen at Sea Level
0 feet
Oxygen in Denver, CO
5,280 feet above Sea Level
Oxygen at the base of Steamboat
8,020 feet above Sea Level
Oxygen at the Summit of Steamboat
10,568 feet above Sea Level

Let Alpine Oxygen save your vacation!

Steamboat Oxygen Levels
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Steamboat Oxygen Rentals

We deliver oxygen concentrators to offer quick relief for altitude sickness. Reserve your oxygen therapy today, and we’ll bring it directly to your Steamboat house, hotel, or resort.

If you are looking for same-day delivery or need to make more than one booking, please call Alpine Oxygen. We happily customize a Steamboat oxygen rental package to meet your requirements. 

Lower rates are available upon request for active and retired military members.

Are You Feeling Any of These Symptoms of Altitude Sickness in Steamboat Springs?

Headache Icon


Sleeping Diffculty Icon

Difficulty Sleeping

Shortness Breath Icon

Shortness of Breath

Fatigue Icon

Fatigue / Tiredness

Rapid Pulse Icon

Rapid Pulse

Loss of Appetite Icon

Loss of Appetite

Nausea Icon


Diarrhea Icon


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Altitude sickness feels like a bad hangover or a case of the flu without a sore throat or cough. If you are not sure what is making you feel bad, it’s most likely altitude sickness. Alpine Oxygen provides Steamboat oxygen rentals that will save your vacation!

Can Everyone Get Altitude Sickness?

Anyone of any age or physical condition can get altitude sickness. However, some individuals are at higher risk, including:

Elderly People Icon

Elderly people

People with asthama icon

People with Asthma

Smokers icon


Respiratory disorder icon

Individuals with respiratory disorders

What Are the Risk Factors for Altitude Sickness in Steamboat?

Ascending to Breckenridge’s elevation quickly
Having a history of altitude sickness
Engaging in physical activity at high altitudes
women doing ice skating in steamboat colorado

Breathe Easier and Feel Better While in Steamboat, CO

Do you or a loved one need supplemental oxygen while staying in Steamboat Springs? Contact Alpine Oxygen rentals today

Group oxygen rentals and bars are available upon request. Rates may vary, depending on the season and the length of the reservation.

FAQs About Our Steamboat Oxygen Rentals

Most of our customers prefer to start using their oxygen concentrator as soon as they arrive in Steamboat. This can prevent them from feeling any altitude sickness effects, especially before they engage in outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, snowboarding, running, or biking. 

If you are using an oxygen concentrator as directed, you should start to feel better within the first 24 hours. Nearly all of your altitude sickness symptoms should disappear within the next one to two days. 

Yes. We sometimes even recommend sleeping with an oxygen concentrator on, especially if your altitude sickness symptoms are persistent or severe. 

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