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We provide oxygen rentals to people in high-altitude Colorado resorts and Jackson Hole.

Why People Choose Alpine Oxygen

  • We’ve Been Providing Professional Oxygen Services Since 2005.

    Alpine Oxygen has been saving vacations in the mountains for nearly two decades. We know exactly how to relieve altitude sickness – as efficiently as possible.

  • We’re Reliable.

    Whether you have booked online or with one of our reservationists, we make sure that all special requests are met and that the equipment is delivered in a timely manner and in good working order. We even offer same day delivery service.

  • We Keep Our Equipment in Excellent Condition.

    We take pride in our oxygen equipment – and there are no shortcuts in making sure every component is clean and regularly tested.

  • We Provide a Smart Alternative to Medication.

    Altitude sickness medication is expensive and has many undesirable side effects. Alpine Oxygen delivers a safe and easy solution that avoids these issues.

  • We Have a Proven Methodology.

    Our process has been tested, refined, and perfected to both help, prevent and relieve symptoms of altitude sickness. When customers choose Alpine Oxygen, they can rest assured they won’t experience issues – and can enjoy their vacation the right way. 

About the Company

Gregg Allman of the Allman Brothers Band at Jazz Aspen

Prior to starting Alpine Oxygen, the founder was working backstage at a Colorado Live Music Venue - where high altitude sickness was prevalent with some of the performing talent. Oxygen Cylinders or tanks were the norm in the early 2000's. While oxygen cylinders or tanks were brought in - most ran out quickly and there was nowhere to have them locally refilled. 

After extensive research, a newer technology in oxygen concentrators had been discovered. These systems have proven to be safer and more reliable than cylinders and have been used for high altitude sickness with great success at live concert venues, events, and with vacationers at high altitudes. 

We know how expensive and time-consuming it is to visit high elevations. 

We launched the company in the mid-2000s to help people avoid the painful symptoms of altitude sickness. 

Our mission is to save vacations for people in Colorado’s many resorts and Jackson Hole / Teton Village, Wy. Whether you need preventative oxygen systems or relief after the fact, we’ll make sure you get the proper equipment.

Core Values


Whether you need oxygen support for yourself or a large group, you can rely on us to provide much-needed relief from altitude sickness.


At Alpine Oxygen, our customers are always the top priority. We know how challenging it is to get altitude sickness in the mountains – and we’re committed to going the extra mile and making sure everyone who needs our service is taken care of.


Everyone has different needs for oxygen support. That’s why we cater our services to every person – no matter what the requirements look like. 

Educational Support

Oxygen equipment isn’t always user-friendly. We take the time to help each customer understand the ins and outs of the system. Our experts are happy to get on the phone and walk you through the process of getting relief from altitude sickness, or check out one of our videos

Local Representation

We partner with a small business owner as our delivery technician for each of the territories we serve. This helps us provide prompt and reliable service. Most are long-term locals with vast knowledge of their respective territories. We also prefer to partner with parents, as we understand the challenges of raising families in mountain communities - and they understand our commitment to service.

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