Local Oxygen Rentals - Serving High Altitude Colorado Resorts and Jackson Hole, WY

Oxygen concentrator rentals delivered by local technicians directly in Colorado and Jackson Hole ski resorts.

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Reserve Your Alpine Oxygen Concentrator Now and Have a Comfortable Worry Free Colorado Mountain Vacation.

For Day Of Delivery Reservations, please call on the following number.

Alpine Oxygen Rentals Serving Most Colorado Resorts

Alpine Oxygen provides oxygen rental services in Breckenridge, Aspen, Vail, Crested Butte, Telluride, Steamboat, Jackson Hole, WY, and other areas of Colorado. Our local delivery technicians bring oxygen therapy directly to you. We partner with small business owners in each territory to provide prompt service to homes, hotels, and condominiums.

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May provide quick relief from altitude sickness

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Since 2005, we’ve been making it easy to breathe easier on your Colorado and Jackson Hole vacations. We have many repeat clients, and they prefer not to take a chance when it comes to treating altitude sickness in themselves or their loved ones.

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Fight Altitude Sickness in the Colorado Rockies

Air pressure at higher elevations is lower than it is at sea level, and at high altitudes, oxygen molecules exist in lower concentrations. The higher in elevation you go, the lower the oxygen ratio and the “thinner” the air becomes.

Symptoms can occur anywhere above 4,900 feet and are felt by the majority of people visiting high altitudes. Oxygen concentrators can provide relief from high-altitude sickness.

Nearly half of the tourists who visit the Colorado Rockies are impacted by altitude sickness. Also known as Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS), this is a pathological side effect of high altitude caused by exposure to low amounts of oxygen.

Our Oxygen Concentrator provides quick relief for the symptoms without detrimental side effects. Reserve your machine today, and we’ll deliver it directly to your high-altitude residence.

Symptoms of Altitude Sickness

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Difficulty Sleeping

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Shortness of Breath

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Fatigue / Tiredness

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Rapid Pulse

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Loss of Appetite

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Who Can Get Altitude Sickness?

Anyone of any age or physical condition can get altitude sickness. However, some individuals are at higher risk, including:

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Elderly people

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People with Asthma

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Individuals with respiratory disorders

Risk Factors for Altitude Sickness

Ascending from sea level quickly.
Participating in heavy activity at a high altitude.
Having a history of altitude sickness.
altitude sickness risk factors

Free Delivery Territories

  • Aspen/Snowmass Village

  • Vail/Beaver Creek

  • Breckenridge/Keystone/Copper Mountain

  • Frisco / Dillon / Silverthorne

  • Telluride/Mountain Village

  • Steamboat Springs

  • Jackson Hole/Teton Village

  • Crested Butte/Mt Crested Butte

Alpine Oxygen may deliver outside stated territories for an additional fee. Please inquire.

Our Oxygen Rental Process

  • 1

    Contact Alpine Oxygen

    Our advanced, easy-to-use reservations system provides timely receipts, instructions, and delivery updates. Please call 970-925-5125 for custom orders and same-day reservations. You can also make advanced reservations online.

  • 2

    Tell Us Your Location

    We deliver oxygen concentrator therapy directly to most major accommodations in Colorado and Jackson Hole, WY, as well as private homes and condominiums. We can bring the oxygen concentrator directly to the front door of your residence, or we can leave it with the front desk or reception area.

    Simply provide us with your address, as well as any applicable codes to gates, garages, or hallways. We may also require property management contact information for delivery.

  • 3

    Same-Day and After-Hours Delivery

    Alpine Oxygen commonly handles reservations made on the same day of delivery. Although we cannot always guarantee same-day delivery, we accommodate these requests to the best of our ability.

    Same-day reservations cannot be made online and must be made on the phone. After-hours deliveries are permitted on a case-by-case basis.

Reserve your Oxygen Concentrator Machine today, and we’ll deliver it directly to your high-altitude residence. Relief without side effects!

What People Are Saying About Us Online

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Donna Damico
I always use Alpine Oxygen every time we come out to high elevations, and never have a problem w/ my altitude sickness. They are a very… Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

An oxygen concentrator is not the same as an oxygen tank. Instead of delivering oxygen as a liquid or gas, the concentrator pulls in air and filters out the nitrogen. The oxygen is delivered via a thin tube with two prongs or an NRB mask. Since oxygen concentrators make their oxygen, they never run out.

While awaiting your oxygen concentrator, try to rest and do not ascend to a higher elevation. If you have a headache, take your preferred pain reliever. If you feel nauseous, you can take motion sickness or anti-nausea medication. Drink plenty of water and avoid exerting yourself, smoking, or drinking alcohol. 

No, you will not receive “too much” oxygen from a concentrator. Our concentrators only produce at most 90% oxygen and have never harmed anyone with normal use.

Symptoms for altitude sickness can appear immediately, or they can take between one and three days to appear, depending on the individual. 

Yes! In fact, it’s recommended. If you are predisposed to altitude sickness and have been sick at high altitudes before, it may be best to request supplemental oxygen prior to your arrival at your destination. 

We recommend using our oxygen concentrators for 10 to 20 minutes at a time, depending on the extent of your illness and your height and weight. Some users also choose to sleep with their oxygen concentrator before skiing or hiking the next day at a high altitude. 


If you have been dealing with altitude sickness, we recommend using the oxygen concentrator regularly until the end of your vacation rather than using it a few times, then resuming normal activity. This is the best way to prevent symptoms from returning.

Yes - an oxygen concentrator can be used on pets with the air of a pet oxygen mask or cage. Just like humans, pets can be sensitive to high elevation, and supplemental oxygen may help alleviate certain symptoms.

Stop Feeling Sick – Breathe Easy in the Colorado Mountains

Don’t let altitude sickness ruin your trip to the beautiful Rocky Mountains. We understand the time and expense that goes into planning a vacation. A little oxygen insurance goes a long way. 

Contact Alpine Oxygen rentals today. Our informative representatives will customize a supplemental oxygen package to meet your needs. Group accommodations and oxygen bars are available, and rates will vary depending on the length of your stay and the time of year. 

Save your vacation - contact us today.

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